Monday, March 25, 2013

Vivian Chan-Shaw - The Great Aussie Fashion 1984-1985

Hope you enjoy this feature from the fantastic book The Great Aussie Fashion on Vivian Chan-Shaw - another Australian fashion designer featured in this book who is an icon of the industry.  My favourite look from this spread has to be the second image - it's so avant-garde.

The other fabulous feature from the spread is that her daughter Claudia Chan-Shaw is modelling - and I guess most Australian's will recognise her from the ABC television show Collectors.  I always thought she was stunning on that show with her Louise Brooks bob, and this feature shows she has always been gorgeous.


  1. Claudia's also the NICEST person! Chatted to her all night once at some otherwise boring fashion do and she was so interesting to talk to and very lovely:)

    1. How cool. Yes she does seem like she'd be nice (as far as how she is on Collector's).