Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dolly Magazine December 1981

December 1981
Model Annie Jones
Photographer unknown
Heat Beaters
Photography by Bob Donaldson

When I first got this issue I was basically in love with everything in it!  It just oozes 1981 all over!  Annie Jones (aka Jane from Neighbours) looks absolutely gorgeous in her frilly blouse and rouge-y cheeks.  I think I can summarise this fashion spread with the following words:  knicker-bockers, bloomers, teased hair, shorts.  Utterly cute.

Oh and spot the odd model out in the shots....


  1. Yes uber cute! This really was positive fashion for younger girls, colourful, girlie and stuff that you would be totally ok with your 12 yr old wearing , 2012 designer of children's wear take note! Don't you love the lack of sun smart message though! Ahh and Annie pre neighbours - she was divine!

  2. Totally agree with you Miss Prudence! Yeah it was all about the tan back then wasn't it. Looking back now and watching shows that were taped in the 80's like for example Sons and Daughters and Prisoner... it is interesting to see how much older people looked - the wrinkles on the faces seemed to be more pronounced. The reason - tanning I think! (Or maybe the fact that Botox wasn't invented yet... hmmmmm)

  3. Hi Maryanne - loving this trip down memory lane - the horridly uncomfy crystal jubes sandals in these pics bring back memories of my sparkly black and silver pair... Every page I click on sends the fashion memories flooding in.

    1. Glad to bring back these wonderful images from a fantastic decade to people who appreciate it! :D

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