Monday, August 8, 2011

Benetton Ads from the 80's

Above two images from Dolly Magazine March 1988
Above four images from Dolly Magazine April 1988
Dolly Magazine March 1989
Following the Esprit ad post, as promised here's a range of Benetton ads from the period when I guess the company was the most prolific.  They courted a lot of attention for their ads by showing people of different ethnicities together including children as you can see from the images above.

Next up I think I may go a little low-brow and do a compilation of K-Mart ads from this period, they're quite funny and I'm sure will stir up some memories of a time when your local Super K-Mart had a cafe in it!


  1. oh yes do the low brow! To be honest I never like Benetton - a whole heap of hoopla over nothing much....I adored Stuart Membrey now there was a label!

  2. haha, hurrah for low brow! I am currently flicking through magazines searching for K-Mart, they're quite interesting. Yes Stuart Membrey was amazing, a friend of mine has a pair of SM pants and they are fab. I think Shag the store has a collection of his pieces that they don't sell as they collect a lot of vintage Australian designers.

  3. Hi, just found your blog. More 1980s Dolly please!! I have read every one from about 1982-1986. I like the ones with the star Dolly masthead.

  4. Oh hi, thanks for your comment, I have plenty more in the archives I can assure you. I'll endeavour to put some more up asap, hopefully by tomorrow.

    Really appreciate the encouragement ! :)

  5. OMFG,that photograph on the back of the bleached head is AMAZZZZZZING!

  6. I know... who would have thought the back of someone's head could look so cool!