Monday, July 4, 2011

Dolly Magazine December 1985

December 1985
Model Sarah Gallagher
Photography Grant Matthews
Some Like It Hot fashion spread
Photography Graham Shearer

A striking fashion spread with photography by the ubiquitous Graham Shearer.  Invariably, whenever I see a spread I really like in the Dolly mags, the photography is usually by Graham Shearer.  He has quite the catalogue of work and is certainly prolific to this very day judging by his website.

My list of wants from this spread include the red creeper-like shoes by Skin Deep and the rose print Jonathan Elliot top/skirt combo. Sigh, if only!


  1. The spreads were so creative, I'm proud to be have brought up on these! I agree about Graham Shearer.

  2. This was the first cover with the new logo/overhaul....I didnt like it at the time....

  3. We shot this story over a weekend - there are a few pics omitted, so they were long days and we loved this shoot. Lee Rogers one of the models is now behind the lens as a director.