Sunday, October 9, 2011

80's K-Mart Ads

Dolly magazine April 1988
Dolly magazine February 1988
Dolly magazine October 1986
Dolly magazine November 1988
Dolly magazine June 1988

As promised about a million years ago, here's my selection of K-Mart ads from some Dolly's.  I've been a bit busy with study/work, but I will try and post some more images asap.  I love a bit of low-brow images from my favourite decade, and K-Mart ads certainly fit the bill.  I love the 1986 ad, it's a bit more colourful and carefree compared with the '88 ads, although the 'teen idol' ad is a bit arty for K-Mart I think with its soft focus/black and white look.