Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dolly Magazine February 1985

February 1985
Photography Graham Shearer
Model Victoria Garden
Clash of the Tartans fashion spread

Naomi Watts for Carefree 1985
Commonwealth Bank advertisement 1985
The cover girl in this issue was 16 year old Victoria, and she was the runner-up in the previous years Dolly/Agree II Cover Girl contest, and this was her very first magazine cover.  Not too sure what happened to her, as I don't really see her in many of the Dolly issues onwards.  The tartan fashion feature in this issue is one of my favourites from my collection - there's just something about tartan in many colours, textures and patterns in one outfit that is so stylish and fun.

Then just for curiosity sake I've added a bit of a blast from the past with Naomi Watts fresh faced during her modelling days, and lastly this amazing ad for the Commonwealth Bank - they sure don't make ads like that anymore!  I love that there looks to be a Martin Gore of Depeche Mode look a like in the mix!


  1. Oh I clearly remember purchasing this edition of dolly ... Just looking back through your pics now it's the fantastic hair and healthy figures of the models that are resonating so well.

    I still love dolly mag!

  2. Gotta love Dolly - it definitely ruled over Girlfriend.

  3. I loved tartan and distinctly remember that shot with the stockings and gorgeous tartan ribbons shoelaces!

  4. I love when you remember certain images from magazines and then look through them and it all comes flooding back ... has happened to me many times with the issues I have - mostly the late 80's and early 90's ones though :D

  5. I absolutely remember this issue. Tracey Hook, winner of the previous years cover girl contest was one of the 'tartan models', she is the one with a page of her own. I always looked forward to the cover girl contests, I have often wondered where they are now. I remember Anneliese Seubert came runner up to a 13 year old in New Zealand (it was a reader vote, they got it wrong!), I know what Anneliese has done, not sure about the winner.

  6. Yes I have an issue featuring Anneliese Seubert as one of the contenders and she definitely stood out from all the others. It definitely was a big mistake her not winning, for sure!

  7. That's when Dolly was at its best.

  8. The dog in between the girls legs was Graham Shearer's dog.
    I remember that haircut on Victoria Garden. Got one just like it but didn't look the same!

    1. WOW! Graham was so lucky to have such a gorgeous snuggly dog!