Monday, July 25, 2011

Esprit Ads from the 80's

Appeared in Dolly magazine March 1984
Dolly magazine January 1984
Dolly magazine January 1984
Dolly magazine January 1984
Dolly magazine February 1987
Dolly magazine June 1986
Dolly magazine April 1983

These scans for me show a time when Esprit was young fresh and exciting.  I walked past one of their stores the other day and wondered just what happened to the brand.  It just seems so bland and run of the mill now.  I remember in the early 90's when the Esprit tote bag was the bag to carry, and I had the black one with multi-coloured lettering.  I really wish Esprit would re-issue their iconic pieces, and do a bit of an homage to their history kind of like how Benetton did in 2009 and luckily I managed to scoop up a lovely Benetton black and white stripe jumper from the archive series at their Tokyo store that year, which has thinner stripes on the torso and thicker ones on the arms.  I couldn't find a picture of it online though which is a bummer!  Anyway, next up I'll post a series of Benetton ads as featured in a variety of issues.  :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Dolly Magazine December 1985

December 1985
Model Sarah Gallagher
Photography Grant Matthews
Some Like It Hot fashion spread
Photography Graham Shearer

A striking fashion spread with photography by the ubiquitous Graham Shearer.  Invariably, whenever I see a spread I really like in the Dolly mags, the photography is usually by Graham Shearer.  He has quite the catalogue of work and is certainly prolific to this very day judging by his website.

My list of wants from this spread include the red creeper-like shoes by Skin Deep and the rose print Jonathan Elliot top/skirt combo. Sigh, if only!