Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dolly Magazine March 1982

March 1982
Model Anna Gatmon
Photography Michael Momy
'Casual Complements' fashion feature

This fashion spread from '82 Dolly really is a winner from start to finish.  It reminds me a lot of Steve Strange of Visage when he was doing the Arabian new romantic look.  It's really sweet, and in particular I love how the pants in the second image have ties around the bottom to amplify that looser at the top tighter at the ankles silhouette.  Also there is something about vintage tights like the white ones in the second last image that seem different to the ones today.  They just seem like better quality or something... the woollen ones I buy now always seem to have some polyester in them which is annoying as they always pill.  Anyway, enjoy these superb images.  Oh and isn't the cover cool - how striking - the covering up of the eye reminds me of I-D Magazine but Dolly style. ;-)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dolly Magazine May 1986 Part Three

'Survival Kit' fashion spread
"Camouflage.  It was what you wore to blend in with your surroundings.
Now it's just the thing to make you stand out in a crowd - and survive in the concrete jungle."
Photography and Layout by Bill Ling

I think what transforms this photo spread from being ordinary is the collage effect exploiting the camouflage theme.  My absolute favourite for the styling and entire concept is the first one.  I'm a sucker for anything using flowers as it makes me think of Morrissey.

More from Dolly Magazine May 1986

'Just Velvet' fashion spread

I'll keep this commentary short and sweet... the last image just blows me away!  This spread really makes me long for winter and all that comes along with it ... layering up woollens, cosy nights drinking hot chocolate, makeup staying crisp and fresh.  Sigh!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dolly Magazine May 1986

May 1986
Photography Bill Ling
Model Jo Ferguson
'PRINT IT!' fashion feature
"In today's exciting and challenging world of a great metropolitan daily newspaper,
with deadlines to be met, and stories to be told, who else could take control and not lose her cool?"
Photos and Layout by Andrew Southam

This fashion spread has to be one of my all time favourites.  It is just so classic - perhaps the houndstooth print has a lot to do with that.  Many of the looks are from Stuart Membery - the genius Australian fashion designer, who judging from his website (click on his name to go there) is now doing architecture.  He did the houndstooth hat and jacket in the sixth image, and many more.  If you click on the images you can see them in a much bigger size and may be able to read the credits.

Also, I think it is quite interesting to see this spread and see where the upcoming collection by Richard Nicoll for Sportsgirl has gotten its inspiration from.  I love the collection he's done by the way ... and am hoping for an injection of money into my bank account so I can buy some pieces.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dolly Magazine Australian Special 1986 Part Two

'A Tourist In Alice' fashion feature
'Home A-Dress' fashion feature

So here's more from the Dolly Australian Special of which the year eludes me.  The Alice Springs fashion spread is so striking, the styling and layout is just perfect.  The last two pictures I added in as they're far too good to lay dormant and unseen. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dolly Magazine Australian Special 1986

Australian Special
Photography Graham Shearer
Models Amanda & Taina
'Train To Alice' Fashion Feature

I'm not exactly sure what year this Dolly Special is from, as it doesn't list it anywhere at all.  So I've estimated it's from '86, just judging by the fashion etc.  This issue is such a pop of colour - especially the cover and the 'Tighten Up!' exercise routine spread (not to mention the Keith Haring type squiggles on the outfits).  I find that the 'Train To Alice' looks are quite timeless, and fit in quite nicely into the present day.  More images from this issue to come!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

More from Dolly Magazine May 1981

'Military Madness' fashion feature
'The Newest Knits' fashion feature

Here are my fashion feature highlights from this issue.  I'm not sure about the whole pairing ballet flats with camouflage pants, but it seems to work for the model in question.  I am quite intrigued by the label 'Body Shop' who did quite a few of the clothes in that spread .. I'm thinking it must be another brand than the cosmetics one I'm thinking of.  The last image from the Newest Knits spread really for me harks back to the 1940's, and the model wearing the beret has a Lauren Bacall-esque vibe about her.

Dolly Magazine May 1981

May 1981
Photography Diana Duncan
Model Natalie Hines
'What's In' regular feature
'Roller-Skating is ... falling in love with the floor!' feature
'Hot Tips For Winter Beauty'  cover page
So I have a cold at the moment, and the only thing that can cheer me up is some Dolly!  This issue is an '81 one, and you can tell a difference between the style of this and the '82 ones I think.  As usual, it's super cute and cheerful - as exemplified in the roller skating picture.  That feature was all about the roller skating craze that was taking over the nation!  I actually own a pair of vintage skates - the traditional white with red wheels kind, but the only time I ever took them out I almost fell and had to literally hang on to any surface/wall/rail that I could to get back home, so I guess that's why the 'craze' didn't really take off with me.

I always find the 'What's In' section (which is at the start of every issue) to be really interesting, as it highlighted what the trends were overseas in fashion.  As you can see from this issue, the new romantic billowing ethnic trend was big in London - the fashion capital.  I included the last picture as it's just a sweet one.  Love the crimp and tulle in her hair.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More from Dolly Magazine February 1982

Dressed-Up Denim fashion feature

A Dolly competition to win a Sweet Dreams night shirt
A Sweet Dreams book I owned, as you can tell by my initials on it!
I have been meaning to add this post for what seems like forever, but as I'm back studying again, I'm finding it a little more difficult to find the time unfortunately.  The Dressed-Up Denim feature from this issue is such a cute little fashion spread.  I just love the way the cassettes/walkmans are shown together with the look of sheer glee at the marvel of such technology on the models faces.

If I had have had the chance I would have loved to won that Sweet Dreams night shirt.  I was a big fan of teen romance novels in my time, including Sweet Dreams titles, but also of course Sweet Valley High.  As you can see from my 'Secret Admirer' book, I enjoyed scrawling my initials and trumpeting how great I thought I was. Hahaha!