Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dolly Magazine October 1983

October 1983
Photography by Graham Shearer
Model Mia
Tab Advertisement 1983

Levi's Advertisement 1983

Levi's Advertisement 1983

In my vast collection of Dolly magazines, there is always at least one Tab ad - featuring a leotard clad model no less, so of course I had to scan one in here for my first Dolly post!  How cute is the Levi's ad with the ice-cream t-shirt, although my favourite is probably the orange Levi's model with the tassel waist sash.  What goes around comes around though, and the first Levi's look doesn't look out of place today I have to say. (Hey that rhymes)!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Burda International Magazine Spring/Summer '86

First up in this issue we have a Guerlain Paris make-up ad.  Then a make-up spread showcasing cosmetics from Chanel, Guerlain, Jil Sander, Lancome and Lancaster.  After that, a focus on hosiery... it'd make a great cover for a record I think... maybe ZZ Top??!!  The last image looks like Beetlejuice inspired - before Beetlejuice was made though!

Burda International Magazine Spring/Summer '85

These images are from a German pattern magazine called Burda (which I think is still going to this day) from 1985.  Love the Chanel ad, and in the middle Linda Evangelista (she is also on the cover, but it's kinda damaged though, so I'm not going to upload it) and lastly this cool ad for a label called 'Genny'.

I'll be uploading some more images from Burda International magazine from the next year soon too so stay tuned!  Oh also, you can click on each image to see them in their full glory as well, almost forgot to mention that. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mode Magazine Winter 1978

Winter 1978
Photography by Justin Harris
Model Janet Murray

This edition of Mode magazine is the only other one I own sadly.  Weirdly enough, this issue is a year later, but the cover looks more dated!  My favourite image from this issue is the famine meets the Great Gatsby Daisy Hairstylist advertisement, it is pure art.

More images from Mode Winter 1977

Photography by Michael O'Donnell for Marbles

Photography by Michael O'Donnell for Harvey Foster
Love this fashion spread... the make-up is part Glam part New Romantic (before New Romantic) part Futurustic.  Once again, I am awe-struck that this is from 1977, and in Australia too - my picture of Australian women's fashion at this time is an outfit comprised of brown corduroy pants teamed with a synthetic fibre top, so this is very inspiring.

Mode Australia Magazine Winter 1977

Winter 1977
Make-up and Photography by Justin Harris
Model Marja,
Make-up Ella Bache

Interpreted by Jan Ayres for Flamingo Park, Sydney
Photography by Michael O'Donnell
I can't believe these images came from an Australian high fashion magazine from 1977!  The magazine was called Mode and I think it was the predecessor to Sheila, but not entirely sure.
The colourful image in the middle looks straight from the 80's!  Not to mention the cover.  How fashion forward this magazine was!  If anyone has any information about this magazine, please let me know.

Sheila Magazine Summer 1980

Summer 1980
Photography Greg Barrett
Model Virginia Wark
Hair John Adams Double Bay
Well here's the first post from my vintage magazine collection, and it's a stunner.  It's the first issue of Sheila Magazine - a high fashion publication which I think unfortunately was rather short-lived. Clearly this issue lives and breathes a sense of excitement and anticipation for the decade to come.
Photography Greg Barrett

A definite space-age theme permeates throughout, and I adore this little tidbit from Dior outlining The Face of the 80's.