Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dolly Magazine 20th Anniversary Issue November 1990

November 1990
Models Alison Brahe, Sarah Nursey, Collette & Belinda Riding
Photography Michael Schenko
Models Anna-Louse, Amanda, Elly, Greg & Justin
Photography Michael Schenko
'It's our party and we'll rage if we want to' feature on Dolly staff members
Photography Michael Schenko
This issue I definitely remember having at the time - featuring the all time fave covergirls!  Within the magazine, it was interesting to read of Sarah Nursey having spent three years living in an Israeli Kibbutz after finishing school!

I chose this fashion spread because I really love the heavy focus on lurex and sequins - oh and that vintage green dress on Anna-Louise is simply gorgeous!

The final image is for Roxan who left a comment on here the other day - I love that you're here posing with Bruce Samazan during his E-Street days.  I adored him back when!  I love the outfits too - the early 90's was still quite interesting for fashion I feel - am seriously wanting that Saba anorak Aileen is sporting.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Australia Day - 80's Style

January 1983
Model Collette
Photography Ken Middleton
'Down-under down to a T'
Dolly Magazine January 1983
Photography Warren Webb
'Just Deserts'
Dolly Magazine January 1983
Photography Ken Middleton
Hostess Pavlova Shells Advertisement
Dolly Magazine January 1985
'A Short Yarn'
Dolly Magazine January 1989
Photography Marco Franchina
Model Jackie
The Philips Sunpanel Advertisement
Sheila Magazine Summer 1980
What's good (and not-so-good) about Australia
Dolly Australia Special (Year Unknown - probably 85-86)
Well if you're in Australia you'll either love or loathe this day - being Australia Day.  For those who loathe it, this day elicits images of bogans draping themselves in the Australia Flag and acting loud and unruly.  If you love it ..... well I guess I'm not sure how you feel as I am in the loathe camp.  Although I thought it would be rather fun to look back and see what it was like back when.  And hey, it doesn't seem too bad - in fact, it seems kinda fun!

My personal favourite image is the Philips Sunpanel advertisement.  It's such a blast from the past - the days when you wanted to tan 24-7 - even when in bed!

I'm not sure I agree with the good/bad list of Australian things, like Brian Canham being bad - noooo way!  I guess by this point though perhaps Pseudo Echo may have been considered passe.  Although I think I'm with them on the whole budgie poo being bad!  Oh and Skippy being good - aaaabsolutely, love me a bit of Skippy the bush kangaroo!

Anyway, enjoy the post and the day, me true blue mates out there!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dolly Special 1982

Dolly Special '82
Model Sonya Cook
Photography Dominique Longheon
'A Change of Face' Make-Up Special
Photography Bob Donaldson

 A gorgeous and striking make-up feature from this Dolly Special of '82 - my favourite year of the 80's I think!  The cover is so so sweet, and looking at the credits of this issue, this was during the reign of Lisa Wilkinson as Editor.  I do think she was the best editor Dolly Magazine has ever had, but then she was lucky to be at the helm during this period of time that's for sure.

The first shot is 'Dramatic You' and the second of course is the 'Romantic You'.  I think I prefer the dramatic one... I just stare and stare at it for ages sometimes.  It's very Duran Duran-esue and I may try and copy it for the Duran Duran concert that I'm going to in March here in Melbourne Australia!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Myer & Grace Bros Advertisements

Dolly Magazine August 1985
Dolly Magazine May 1986
Dolly Magazine April 1986
Dolly Magazine April 1988
Dolly Magazine April 1988

I'm trying to keep up with the regular posts, so here's a new one featuring a range of Myer/Gras Bros. advertisements from a few Dollys.  I have a soft spot for the polka dot items, as well as the 'That's Cute' sleepwear underneath featuring Alison Brahe in it.

It's also funny to see how the '88 look of brogues and loafers is kinda big right now.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dolly Magazine November 1980

November 1980
Model Julie Skarratt

The KISS cover of this issue has to be one of my all-time favourites.  It is just so cute!

It's funny how fruit was often a feature item in many an 80's fashion spread, and this 'Shade Your Image' feature is a great example of this.  Not sure how practical these sunglasses styles are, and I'm sure at least one of them has been adopted by Dame Edna Everage, but the pictures are quite sweet.  I happened to look up some background information on Peter Yeo who designed these sunglasses, and it's quite an interesting story.  He was an AFL player who went on to designing sunglasses, and is now a quadriplegic due to a household accident.  He seems like quite the inspirational person, and that's what I love about looking through these vintage magazines - the wealth of new information they can lead you to.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dolly Magazine February 1984

February 1984
Model Sarah Nursey
Photographer Graham Shearer
Grey Matters fashion spread
Make-up by Richard Sharah
Photography by Greg Barrett

It is a new year, and I've updated Glossy with a new look banner - which I'm quite happy with!

Back to this particular fashion spread however, with the legendary Richard Sharah (who was known for doing Steve Strange of Visage's make-up in the Fade to Grey video clip) doing his trademark make-up on the models (one of whom is none other than Collette!)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Here's to wishing it was Winter already: Dolly Magazine June 1984

Dolly Magazine June 1984
Model Nikki Smith
Photographer Graham Shearer

After a 40 degree (Celsius) day here in Melbourne Australia a couple of days ago, I am seriously longing for the cosiness of Winter.

I have to pick out the polka dot look and the cropped jumper as my faves from this spread.

And this spread features the ever-popular Dolly model Sarah Nursey, with photography from the icon that is Graham Shearer.