Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dolly Magazine 20th Anniversary Issue November 1990

November 1990
Models Alison Brahe, Sarah Nursey, Collette & Belinda Riding
Photography Michael Schenko
Models Anna-Louse, Amanda, Elly, Greg & Justin
Photography Michael Schenko
'It's our party and we'll rage if we want to' feature on Dolly staff members
Photography Michael Schenko
This issue I definitely remember having at the time - featuring the all time fave covergirls!  Within the magazine, it was interesting to read of Sarah Nursey having spent three years living in an Israeli Kibbutz after finishing school!

I chose this fashion spread because I really love the heavy focus on lurex and sequins - oh and that vintage green dress on Anna-Louise is simply gorgeous!

The final image is for Roxan who left a comment on here the other day - I love that you're here posing with Bruce Samazan during his E-Street days.  I adored him back when!  I love the outfits too - the early 90's was still quite interesting for fashion I feel - am seriously wanting that Saba anorak Aileen is sporting.


  1. I had this issue! I remember the editorial too. Thanks so much for sharing. x

  2. Wow I don't remember this one! I wonder what all the models are up to now. Alison is the only one I've seen and she is still pretty much the same. I'm sad there aren't back issues of Dolly available readily, even just archived somewhere, especially considering the mag is still around.

  3. No problem, I love when the old dormant dolly memories are jogged!

  4. That was a fun shoot...honestly they nearly always were! The Dolly team were so much fun to work with. Ahhh the memories...thanks for sharing Maryanne, I don't have a lot of my old pics sadly.

    1. No probs Amanda! It's such a cool vintagey themed spread.

      I still have the Dolly Fiction book that you were on, I think it's called 'The Look of Love', you look bleedin' stunning on it!!