Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dolly Magazine February 1984

February 1984
Model Sarah Nursey
Photographer Graham Shearer
Grey Matters fashion spread
Make-up by Richard Sharah
Photography by Greg Barrett

It is a new year, and I've updated Glossy with a new look banner - which I'm quite happy with!

Back to this particular fashion spread however, with the legendary Richard Sharah (who was known for doing Steve Strange of Visage's make-up in the Fade to Grey video clip) doing his trademark make-up on the models (one of whom is none other than Collette!)


  1. i am not a fan and never purchase dolly magazines today, but these older issues seem so much more fun, creative and useful for teens back then! It is for that reason that I am really enjoying your blog (:

  2. Oh swoon, I loved these looks!!! The last one and to red one, I think I might even try that again ...maybe I am getting carried away with fine memories.LOL

  3. I so agree with you sedgwick, Dolly is so boring now (well it seems that way as I never ever bother to pick up a copy) I guess the old magazines are just so much more frivolous and fun!

    Yes Miss Prudence, DO IT!

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  5. Thank you SO MUCH for posting these. It's such a spin out to see these again. The images are etched in my subconscious, so surreal to see them and the names of the models I knew then so well! Sarah Nursey with her hair, Alison Brahe.. There is one model I loved that had an awesome 80s bob, she is on one Dolly cover (mid-80s I guess) with a sailor cap on. I would love to buy any issues you have for sale. Thanks again!

  6. No problem at all, so glad the posts are appreciated!

    Hmm I wonder if the model you're thinking of is Anna Louise Gould... she was a big time Dolly model and I am sure she wore a sailor cap in one of the posts I have put on here..

    I'm not sure that I have any for sale at the moment, but from time to time when I receive duplicate issues I do put issues for sale, but next time I do, I'll put a post up on here, so stay tuned!!

    Maryanne :)

  7. HMmm not Anna, for some reason I think her name is Jenny, she had golden brown skin, great smile, beautiful brown bob. Can't find any pics of her though I did stumble across a Sonia Klien cover that spun me out! Oh how I love looking at these. :)

  8. Ahhh yes, you have a great memory. I just dug up an issue from October 1984, and the cover girl was none other than a Jenny and she's wearing a sailor cap. I'll upload it for you!

  9. GREAT!!! Haha Maryanne I had a dream last night I found all these back issues at home at my parents... alas it was a dream, but one of the issues was the one you are talking about, but I couldnt see her face.. funny it made me check this blog and this msg was here! cant wait to see the issue, she was in a lot funny not in any pics here yet. thank you!! x

  10. I've just put it up! Hope it's the right 'Jenny'! :D

    P.S I LOVE that you're dreaming about Dolly archives!