Saturday, March 31, 2012

One Jump Ahead - POL Magazine February 1980

February 1980
Photography Andy Tavares

Now that I have my fancy new A3 scanner, I can finally upload some fabulous shots from my POL magazine collection.  The fashion in this piece is by Nila O.  The only information I could see online about her was possibly her now being a fashion illustration teacher at Sydney Community College - it seems possible!  I see these looks as being mime artist crossed with jockey and I like it!

There's some more amazing fashion from this issue that I'll post tomorrow.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Esprit Advertisement - Vogue Australia July 1982

A quick mini post as I'm a little sick with a cold .... thought I'd satisfy the masses with this one seeing as the Esprit advertisements are always one of the most popular posts on here. 

I really like this one, but am questioning the need to have the topless guy in the centre!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Prue Acton - Vogue Australia April 1979

April 1979
Photography Patrick Russell

I've put a few posts featuring Prue Acton designs lately, and here's another to add to the pile.  I adore this chic late 70's look here, where you can see hints of the 80's look in many elements.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Buckley's/David Jones - Vogue Australia August 1982

I always say this for pretty much every post, but I just adore the selection of photos here.  It's interesting to see the contrast from Dolly to Vogue, where the look is a bit more grown up (I must admit I am quite partial to the youthful fun of Dolly though).  My favourite looks here are probably the Leon Cutler dress, and the Weiss outfit, although I really do like the tuxedo detail on the W.S. pants.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The New Beauty - Vogue Australia August 1982

August 1982
Photography Bill Ling

I'm not sure what this model's name is, but she was definitely a huge part of Dolly magazine for many issues.  I adore the vibrant make-up job in the second photo - reminds me of the Wham 'wake me up before you go go' 7" cover.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Aztec - Dolly April 1986

April 1986
Model Stephanie Browne
Photography Bill Ling

Apologies for the not so good state the cover image is in, but I thought it was worth scanning in, given the fantastic spread this Aztec feature is.  Again, I do love a bold colour, and there is a lot of colour clashing going on and layering of knits (can't wait for Winter to truly kick in so I can throw on all my woolies).

Racey Ladies - Dolly October 1980

October 1980
Model Melissah Hannan
Photography John Pinfold

I suppose I should have posted this spread during the Grand Prix that was on in Melbourne recently (which I actually am not into at all) but if it looked like this I think I'd like it!  It's jump suit mania in this feature, with a lot of Ojay wares on show.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fashion 2001 - POL magazine August 1982

Another stunning run of photos from the mysterious POL magazine.  I didn't scan the cover in, as it is slightly ripped on the corner, but I can say that it does feature Isabelle Adjani.  The photos here as per the blurb on the first shot is from a book entitled Fashion 2001 by Lucille Khornak which I would seriously wish to own as I adore futurist fashion visions.  The fourth shot from the top is from Sonia Rykiel (whose clothes I adore but sadly cannot afford) and the fabulous roller skate one underneath that is Jean-Claude De Luca and when searching his name in google I actually found some more scans from the actual book! (WOW) I want it even more now.  Ahhh!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lights, Cameras ... Acton! - Pol magazine 1980

I bought a stack of magazines just a couple of days ago called 'POL'.  Knowing absolutely nothing about them, I was instantly struck by the covers and then the fashion editorials inside.  I had a bit of a look on wikipedia just now to see if it had any information and found this but I'm not sure it's the same magazine as it says it ceased publication by 1971 and the issues I have are 1979 - 1982.  Hmmm.... the plot thickens.  Anyway, here's a gorgeous Prue Acton spread with photography from Greg Barrett who has done shoots with Sheila magazine and Dolly also that I have shown here (as per the link on his name).  I adore the final photo - it reminds me of a Patrick Nagel portrait.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Lancome/Sportsgirl/David Lawrence - Vogue Australia November 1980

November 1980
Photography Patrick Russell

I find this spread really intriguing as I never knew Lancome was sold at Sportsgirl (and not to mention Sportsgirl had a Beauty Shop)!  I'd love to hear from anyone who can remember.  I notice accessories here are from Sportsgirl, and I'm sure I've seen the rosette earrings there lately - at least some things never change.