Saturday, March 24, 2012

The New Beauty - Vogue Australia August 1982

August 1982
Photography Bill Ling

I'm not sure what this model's name is, but she was definitely a huge part of Dolly magazine for many issues.  I adore the vibrant make-up job in the second photo - reminds me of the Wham 'wake me up before you go go' 7" cover.


  1. WOuldn't you love to know where some of these models are today? They were constants in the way fashion was presented to the Australian public in a time where there were no "super models" -

    1. I love these photos. I love the model's hair and I would wear all of the jewellery. It is a shame that they hardly ever credit the models.

  2. The cover model's name is Melanie Gale... I met her at a party a few years back and she was really lovely. She became a freelance stylist and got married to a successful Aussie photographer.