Thursday, March 8, 2012

Saturdy Night's All Right For Raging - Dolly May 1982

May 1982
Model Melissah Hannan
Photography John Pinfold

A really cool, fun and quirky mini two-page fashion spread coming from one of the daggiest Dolly covers I own!  That perm is not a good one, but it is charming in its own daggy, sweet and innocent way.  I think this spread is from the same photo shoot as the Throwaway Fashion one from the December 1981 issue as it features the same models and similar vibrant styling with photography credited to Freundin.


  1. Gosh Jimmy white teeth hannan's daughter!
    We are giggling over here at the memory of calling going out "raging" - love this Harm Minimisation article!

  2. "Raging"!! Hilarious! Love that there's a Human League feature - their concert in May 1982 was the first I went to (Festival Hall - Brisbane). Yep, almost THIRTY YEARS ago... eek!

  3. Oh very nice pick up there Miss Prudence, I had to look up who this Jimmy Hannan fellow was, love a bit of trivia!

    Oh yes Leonie, adooore the Human League. You lucky thing you being at that show!