Sunday, March 11, 2012

Prue Acton for SAAB 900 Turbo - Vogue magazine October 1979

Photography Claude Mougin

I recently acquired a bunch of Vogue magazines, so thought I'd add a post here from one of the issues.  I simply adore a futurist themed shoot back when it was thought the future would be cool (it's more boring now than back then I think!).  This Prue Acton for SAAB shoot reminds me a lot of one of the pictures from this Sheila magazine issue from 1980.  It's funny how dated the car looks next to the 'futuristic' wares.


  1. The car looks SO dated :D This is pretty old though. The mag looks in really good condition. I'd be keen to see some late 80s/early90s Vogues if you had any. I crossed over from Dolly at that time to Vogue, Elle, Bazaar etc.

  2. I just LOVED Prue - she really designed some truly elegant clothing in the 80's - I found a vintage Acton black skirt in the oppy the other day - it was a size 10 but looked like a child's size 10, but my it was gorgeous!

  3. I don't have many Vogues at all jenelk, and the latest year I have of them is only 1983 unfortunately. Oooh a genuine Prue in an op-shop - good find!