Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dolly Magazine August 1986

August 1986
Model Meredith Salenger
Photography Andrew Southam
B&W fashion spread
Photography Graham Shearer

The cover of this issue is not in the best nick as you can clearly see, but I felt this B&W spread was far too good to lay dormant.

I knew there was something that seemed familiar about the cover girl, and when I googled her name I found that she was in Dream a Little Dream with the two Corey's!!  Classic film indeed! Back in the height of Corey fever, my older sister used to write 'Corey' all over her books and I'm sure if it actually existed back then, she would have called the Corey Hotline.  Phew... that was a bit of a Corey sidetrack....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dolly Magazine July 1991

July 1991
Model Anna Louise Gould
Photography Tony Duran
Super sleek 60s fashion spread
Photography Daniela Federici

After a long hiatus, and a big batch of Dolly magazines sent to my door increasing my collection to over 100 issues, here is a new upload.

I love the Breakfast At Tiffany's reference and even though this is from 1991, all the looks are quite timeless.  The last picture kind of makes me think of Enid in Ghost World.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dolly Magazine April 1988

April 1988
Photography Martyn Thompson
Model Sally
'Everything's Rosy' Fashion Feature
Photography Martyn Thompson

After a brief hiatus, here we have a new post!  We've now skipped through to 1988 with a Rosey feature from Dolly Magazine - a very atypical look for the late 80's.  I'm a big fan of mary jane's and especially with a floral embellishment!