Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dolly Magazine July 1991

July 1991
Model Anna Louise Gould
Photography Tony Duran
Super sleek 60s fashion spread
Photography Daniela Federici

After a long hiatus, and a big batch of Dolly magazines sent to my door increasing my collection to over 100 issues, here is a new upload.

I love the Breakfast At Tiffany's reference and even though this is from 1991, all the looks are quite timeless.  The last picture kind of makes me think of Enid in Ghost World.


  1. ok I am lost now, i had well and truly given up seeking fashion advice from magazines by this stage - or truthfully I had weaned myself from being a slave to the glossies ! Thanks for showing what i missed!

  2. haha, yes the 90's weren't the best period for fashion, but the early 90's had some good moments.

  3. Maryanne how did you get Dolly issues? I am keen to locate some. Also - I would really love to see a spread Alison Brahe was in - it was very summery and colourful and she had a straightened choppy bob hairdo, very beachy and she looked amazing - hoping you have it/know which one I mean? It's quite an early one of her, one of the first times she appeared in the mag.

  4. Hmmm... I don't think I have that one, as I pretty much remember most of the spreads that are in the issues that I do have.

    As for where I get them from, well some of them I have acquired from op-shopping over the years, and then others through ebay, but they're becoming more and more scarce unfortunately as I think people are hanging on to their copies much like I am! But if you look regularly, you will find 'em. :)