Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dolly Magazine March 1987

March 1987
Model Alison Brahe
Photography Graham Shearer
Animal Magnetism fashion spread
Photography Grant Matthews

It seems I've caught Alison Brahe fever!  She looks quite fresh faced and timeless on this cover, the velvet bow is from Sportsgirl, and it's funny to see how du jour these headbands are at the moment, and often credited to Gossip Girl as the origin of the trend - I think not!  Actually it probably went even further back to the 1930's or the 1940's I am thinking.

I love this fashion spread, although I had to do a little retouching to the cover and the spread itself as there was some extensive discolouration and creases.  I tried my best, and hope it's not too obvious.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dolly Magazine September 1991

September 1991
Model Alison Brahe
Photography Michael Schenko
Pattern Clash fashion spread
Photography Bill Georgoussis

Okay, so back when I was a pre-teen, Alison Brahe (the cover model for this issue) was the bees knees.  She was consistently voted most popular model, and she had the knack to be both approachable and drop dead gorgeous at the same time.  She ended up marrying Cameron Daddo and upon googling her, I have come to find out she and Cameron did an interview with New Idea saying they were broke and suffering from marriage problems - oh dear!

The model in this fashion spread I also remember a lot from Dolly issues of this early 90's era, and her name is Annabel.  I do have a soft spot for the early 90's revival of the 60's flower power prints and swing tops and dresses, oh and I can't not mention the SUPREMELY 90's guy holding the boom box hahahaha.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Morrissey in The Face, June 1986

The Face
June 1986
Adore adore adore this man and everything he stands for and represents - how utterly desolate this world would be without his music.  Meat definitely IS Murder!

School's out, so here's a new post to celebrate!

Joanne and Susan from the Human League
The Face
June 1986
And what better way to celebrate than with the Human League girls in this picture that I have rarely seen out and about.  The colour composition of the photograph is gorgeous, photography was by Steve Tynan.  I'll endeavour to post a lot more now that I have a ton of free time.