Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dolly Magazine February 1982

February 1982
Photography by Francesco Scavullo
Model Brooke Shields
Winter Winners fashion feature, shot at the TAA terminal Sydney Airport

Predictably I'm showing more from that fantastic year - 1982!  And this issue is one which will warrant two posts.  With a stunning 16 year old Brooke Shields gracing the cover, it promises to be an exciting issue.  

I have chosen this fashion spread to feature because the outfits are just so cute and embody the year of this issue.  From the ruffled collar, to the waist sashes, to the hosiery and ballet flats combo - it's got 1982 written all over it.  I am also fascinated in seeing how the airport looked back then... okay well it looks basically the same.. except of course the people walking through it are far more bland now!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

More from Dolly Magazine November 1982

Illustration accompanying a short story entitled "On her own"
Cutex Advertisement 1982
Leichner Cosmetics Advertisement 1982
Continuing on from the previous post, here are s'more images from '82 Dolly as there were far too many to condense down to one post.  The illustrations included here are just gorgeous, and another reason why these vintage Dolly's stand out from other magazines - even from the same era.  They're just so cute and colourful.

I also adore the Cutex ad, obviously showing the influence filtering down to Australia from Britain with the New Romantic/Duran Duran wave.  The Leichner ad is just super cool.  I remember my mum joined up to their monthly cosmetics deal that they used to advertise in magazines during the 80's, and just being in awe of all the little brushes, powders of all different colours and lipsticks, wondering what each of them were for.  I guess that may be why I love make up so much now.

Dolly Magazine November 1982

November 1982
Photography by Rolf Bruderer
Model Gianna
Moroccan Magic fashion feature
Clothing by Gallery Nomad, Accessories by Orientique, Shoes by Esprit
Clothing by Esprit & Gallery Nomad, Accessories by Gallery Nomad & Orientique, Shoes by Esprit 
Green, yellow & red flat shoes by Sportsgirl
Ballet shoes and red heels by Chelsea Cobbler
All other shoes by Stephen Adler
Dress-Ence fashion feature
"Dresses are back in full bloom - from flared, fifties styles to short shifts"
Hang Ten advertisement
It's been a little while since the last post, so it's definitely time for more Dolly!  I pulled out a stack of issues from 1982, and looking through them, I think it may just be one of my favourite years for Dolly. Teased fluffy hair was in - in a big way, as were lots and lots of frills.

Although there were many varying styles featured during this time, from the Moroccan/New Romantic/Arabian inspired (as per the first two shots) to the sweet ballet slippers and summer dress combo (the Hang Ten ad) and my personal favourite look.  Also 1982 makes me think of my favourite band - Altered Images.

I think what appeals to me about this era in particular was the innocence.  The posing is not as stylised as modelling is today, genuine expression and dare I say it - happiness - is actually apparent in the models faces - unlike today!  Also the fact that photographers had to rely on their skills rather than photoshop is inspiring, I also love the fact that you can see blemishes and wrinkles in many of the photographs, magazines today are ruining any semblance there is of realism whatsoever.  We have the extreme of magazines like NW that show celebrities at their worst, and then fashion magazines that show them ultra-photoshopped.  Where has the normality gone?  Anyway, that's my ginormous rant for now, enjoy Dolly.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dolly Magazine February 1983

February 1983
Photography by Ken Middleton
Model Collette
Deluxe Tux fashion feature

On Parade fashion feature

Collette modelling a woollen make it yourself sweater
After the artiness of The Face, I've decided to do a turnaround and upload some colour and fun from Dolly!  The cover star of this issue is none other than Collette of Ring My Bell fame in her early modelling days, in a look reminiscent of a softer version of Boy George.  I think she looks waay better as a brunette.

The guy with the moustache in the Deluxe Tux spread really really looks like a cross between Dave Ball from Soft Cell and the singer from Modern Romance.

The Face Magazine September 1982

Sue Clowes Fashion Feature - Designer for Culture Club

Siobhan Fahey of Bananarama modelling The Face T-Shirt
Another one from my Face magazine collection.  Featuring an emerging fashion subculture which The Face identified as 'Hard Times' and this look was reminiscent of Marlon Brando - fifties rebel.  Think torn Levi's jeans topped with even more torn shirts/tops, with the soundscape being primarily soul music.  The third image is the snapshot of the club kids from this scene and I remember when I first flicked through this issue, and upon seeing that page I just stared at these pics for so long.

The last image I think is a really cute one of Siobhan from Bananarama!  I would looove to get my hands on one of these Face t-shirts!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Face Magazine August 1984

Styled by Amanda Grieve
Photography by Mario Testino
Modelled by Suzi-Bic
Clothes by Nostalgia of Mud
Shoes by Robot

Styled by Helen Roberts at Premier
Photography by Martin Brading
Modelled by Kathryn Hardy, Ana Drummond & Lizzie 

Here's my first post from the depths of my collection of Face magazines.  The Face started in the UK of course, in 1980 in response to the New Romantic movement which was emerging at the time.  Its focus was on aesthetics in fashion and in music and was a very stylish publication (although in my opinion it did degenerate in the 90's - I guess as music itself degenerated!)

The first two images are stunning - I mean with Mario Testino as photographer, what else can one expect really, plus Nostalgia of Mud clothing by Dame Viv and Malcolm McLaren!

The next two images feature a fixture in the London scene at the time by the name of Lizzie Tear.  She is the one to the very left in the last image with the big beehive.  She worked in Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren's shop 'World's End' for a time, and later on in 1987 produced a single 'Life Won't Be The Same'.  She was also almost in Malcolm McLaren's band Bow Wow Wow ... ahh well, t'wasn't to be, and we ended up having the fab Annabella Lwin instead!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Australian Young Fashion Designers - The Melburnian 1989

Vol.3 N.9 Christmas 1989
Models Cendrine and Craig
Photography Maurice Rinaldi
Nescafe Fashion '89 The Fashion Design Council

Yesterday while trawling through some op-shops in Lilydale, I stumbled upon some issues of "The Melburnian"- a magazine I had not heard about, but when I checked the fashion feature section in this issue, boy did I buy it in a hurry!

This feature was on the Fashion Design Council of Australia's annual fashion parade from 1989 which was held at the Melbourne Tennis Centre.  The Fashion Design Council was established in 1984 and its purpose was to highlight new and upcoming designers.

It's quite interesting as some names in these pictures are now established figures in the fashion industry, such as Bettina Liano of course, Jenny Bannister and Peter Jago - who is known for his millinery - his face always pops up during the dreaded time of year when the Melbourne Cup is on.

My highlights are the Peter Zygouras look which looks like Dave Vanian from the Damned, the Peter Jago hats, and the Liza Stedman looks are so ethereal.  As it turns out she too is a milliner and upon checking out her website... an amazing one too.

It's interesting to see the way some of these talented emerging designers started out and how they have developed since.

Edit: Oh and I forgot to mention how much the model for Bettina Liano in the green outfit looks like the singer from Black Box!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dolly Magazine February 1985

February 1985
Photography Graham Shearer
Model Victoria Garden
Clash of the Tartans fashion spread

Naomi Watts for Carefree 1985
Commonwealth Bank advertisement 1985
The cover girl in this issue was 16 year old Victoria, and she was the runner-up in the previous years Dolly/Agree II Cover Girl contest, and this was her very first magazine cover.  Not too sure what happened to her, as I don't really see her in many of the Dolly issues onwards.  The tartan fashion feature in this issue is one of my favourites from my collection - there's just something about tartan in many colours, textures and patterns in one outfit that is so stylish and fun.

Then just for curiosity sake I've added a bit of a blast from the past with Naomi Watts fresh faced during her modelling days, and lastly this amazing ad for the Commonwealth Bank - they sure don't make ads like that anymore!  I love that there looks to be a Martin Gore of Depeche Mode look a like in the mix!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dolly Magazine November 1984

Bourjois Advertisement 1984

Culture Club Advertisement 1984

Article entitled 'What tribe is that? A Fully Illustrated Guide to Easy Identification of the Cults Breeding In Your Suburb.'

Nicole Kidman for Clairol 1984

Attaque Down Under Advertisement 1984
Here's Dolly Magazine from 1984, this is an amazing issue, hence why I've added quite a few images to this post... I just couldn't cut them down!  The Bourjois cosmetics ad is so artistic .... I just had to include the Culture Club advertisement.. pure style.

The article which defines and analyses various subcultures in a humourous way is actually quite relevant to this day I think!  To quote the article "Rockabillies grow up to be university students, married couples, Gene Vincent look-alikes and owners of American cars with large tail fins."  Sooo true, haha.  And I guess you could substitute the Stuart Membery kids with Sass and Bide kids!

Then we have Nicole Kidman during her 80's modelling days and a fabulous ad for a brand called 'Attaque' which I have no information about whatsoever unfortunately.  I'm guessing they made belts by the look of the picture, but if anyone has any information about this label please let me know!