Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dolly Magazine February 1983

February 1983
Photography by Ken Middleton
Model Collette
Deluxe Tux fashion feature

On Parade fashion feature

Collette modelling a woollen make it yourself sweater
After the artiness of The Face, I've decided to do a turnaround and upload some colour and fun from Dolly!  The cover star of this issue is none other than Collette of Ring My Bell fame in her early modelling days, in a look reminiscent of a softer version of Boy George.  I think she looks waay better as a brunette.

The guy with the moustache in the Deluxe Tux spread really really looks like a cross between Dave Ball from Soft Cell and the singer from Modern Romance.


  1. OMG! I had this issue and I'd never thought that I'd ever see it again!!! THANK YOU for posting these...this was the very first issue of Dolly I bought when I was 13 and I remember adoring that tuxedo fashion spread. The 'what's In' pages also made me want to bcome a fashion illustrator, which I bnow have been for the past 22 years:) Please post more of those when you can...thanks!

    1. No problem at all, I am so glad people are enjoying them as much as I do! Congrats on achieving your dream, that's wonderful!!

  2. I definitely remember this issue..I thought that pink jumper was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen..& the model so pretty. I had my mum make the jumper for pink of course..I loved it. Ahhh brings back so many memories of my teenage years.

    1. Oh how cool! I remember getting my mum to buy me things I'd seen in Dolly all the time. It had a big influence on us and our fashion choices!