Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dolly Magazine November 1984

Bourjois Advertisement 1984

Culture Club Advertisement 1984

Article entitled 'What tribe is that? A Fully Illustrated Guide to Easy Identification of the Cults Breeding In Your Suburb.'

Nicole Kidman for Clairol 1984

Attaque Down Under Advertisement 1984
Here's Dolly Magazine from 1984, this is an amazing issue, hence why I've added quite a few images to this post... I just couldn't cut them down!  The Bourjois cosmetics ad is so artistic .... I just had to include the Culture Club advertisement.. pure style.

The article which defines and analyses various subcultures in a humourous way is actually quite relevant to this day I think!  To quote the article "Rockabillies grow up to be university students, married couples, Gene Vincent look-alikes and owners of American cars with large tail fins."  Sooo true, haha.  And I guess you could substitute the Stuart Membery kids with Sass and Bide kids!

Then we have Nicole Kidman during her 80's modelling days and a fabulous ad for a brand called 'Attaque' which I have no information about whatsoever unfortunately.  I'm guessing they made belts by the look of the picture, but if anyone has any information about this label please let me know!


  1. who wrote this article about the subcultures??

  2. I really should have put that in there shouldn't I, it was written by Chuck Zampieri. :)

  3. I remember this so vividly! especially the part about the subcultures. Very informative... Thanks for posting!

    1. My pleasure! I love when the memories come flooding back. :)