Saturday, February 19, 2011

More from Dolly Magazine November 1982

Illustration accompanying a short story entitled "On her own"
Cutex Advertisement 1982
Leichner Cosmetics Advertisement 1982
Continuing on from the previous post, here are s'more images from '82 Dolly as there were far too many to condense down to one post.  The illustrations included here are just gorgeous, and another reason why these vintage Dolly's stand out from other magazines - even from the same era.  They're just so cute and colourful.

I also adore the Cutex ad, obviously showing the influence filtering down to Australia from Britain with the New Romantic/Duran Duran wave.  The Leichner ad is just super cool.  I remember my mum joined up to their monthly cosmetics deal that they used to advertise in magazines during the 80's, and just being in awe of all the little brushes, powders of all different colours and lipsticks, wondering what each of them were for.  I guess that may be why I love make up so much now.


  1. memories!!! Leichner! Do you have any copies of the Australian Magazine "Stiletto" ? It was the Oz version of The Face, very cool, very Sydney!

  2. Oh Stiletto, my friend actually does have a copy of one issue with Haysi Fantayzee on the cover. You are right, it was like the Oz Face.... so designer, I would ache for a Stiletto collection.