Saturday, June 29, 2013

What's In - Dolly Magazine 1981

January 1981
February 1981
March 1981
April 1981
May 1981
June 1981
July 1981
August 1981
September 1981
October 1981
November 1981
December 1981

Here's a whole year of 'What's In' for 1981 !!!  From Lady Di inspired looks through to pirate and Adam Ant inspirations and finally in December 1981 - the world of colour has arrived to this section!  There is something I love in each and every one of these illustrations, but I am especially partial to June 1981 - both for the Adam Ant pirate look and I also love the new romantic look of the other girl.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

What's In - Dolly Magazine 1980

Dolly Magazine, January 1980
Dolly Magazine, February 1980 
Dolly Magazine, April 1980
Dolly Magazine, May 1980
Dolly Magazine, June 1980
Dolly Magazine, July 1980
Dolly Magazine, August 1980
Dolly Magazine, September 1980
Dolly Magazine, October 1980
Dolly Magazine, November 1980

The What's In section in Dolly's was always the go-to to find out how the newest trends overseas would be incorporated into the fashions in Australia.  They always had amazing illustrations in them and I'm going to be doing a post for every year that I have of the Dolly issues.  Unfortunately I don't have all of the 1980 issues, but here is what I have.  As these illustrations are uncredited, if anyone can enlighten me as to who did them, I would be eternally grateful.  I adore adore the mod look from the June issue, but really all of them are gorgeous.

Self Titled - Dolly January 1986

A rock 'n' roll themed spread featuring the fictional Dolly model girl band called 'The Caterpillars' - maybe because they're long and lean?!  I actually wish they did release some material as they sure do have the image down pat.  My favourite image has to be the one with the car door as the feature starring Imogen and Julie .. a really interesting angle.