Saturday, June 29, 2013

What's In - Dolly Magazine 1981

January 1981
February 1981
March 1981
April 1981
May 1981
June 1981
July 1981
August 1981
September 1981
October 1981
November 1981
December 1981

Here's a whole year of 'What's In' for 1981 !!!  From Lady Di inspired looks through to pirate and Adam Ant inspirations and finally in December 1981 - the world of colour has arrived to this section!  There is something I love in each and every one of these illustrations, but I am especially partial to June 1981 - both for the Adam Ant pirate look and I also love the new romantic look of the other girl.


  1. Thanks so much again for posting these! As I mentioned before, I had only seen these pages from February 1983 onwards and I was obsessed with them - so seeing all these earlier issues is fantastic!I remember those Ra-Ra skirts really well... Ra-Ra skirts and legwarmers!!!! They hit Australia in a big way to the point that you couldn't go to any party around 1982/83 without seeing at least a dozen girls wearing them (sans legwarmers, of course...that was more of a daytime thing).

    1. I actually bought a pair of grey legwarmers the other day.... Haven't worn them outside the house yet though.... :D

  2. As you know i was a Dolly devotee! These pages were gospel! I love how in a month the look in London can change from mod to cowgirl - fashion had never been so fickle, must of cost a fortune to keep at the cutting edge of fashion in London :)

    1. Haha yes absolutely, but I guess luckily you could kind of do it yourself a bit - get a big of fabric, hit up an op-shop and make it work!