Sunday, February 19, 2012

80's Esprit Advertisements - Round Two

Dolly magazine October 1983
Dolly magazine September 1989
Dolly magazine September 1984
Dolly magazine August 1986
Dolly magazine July 1985
Dolly magazine April 1988
Due to the popularity of the first post I did with a selection of Esprit advertisements from the 80's, I thought it was time to put some more up.  As I was a huge Esprit fan in the early 90's, the brand does hold some great memories for me.  My favourites from these pictures are the first one and probably the last one.  In the last post I was going on about the iconic Esprit tote bag (which I was proud to carry around when I was in Year 7), and alas I still don't have one!  Hmm.... may have to check ebay....


  1. Memories here as well. I like the Dolly Sept '84 image, sums up that natural beauty. And the bandanna ad reminds me of those foam bendy sticks we used to twist in our hair, remember those? I can't remember what they are called..

  2. Oh yes those foam sticks! I'm sure I tried to use them on my hair, but knowing my mum, we would have bought a no name brand and then found that they didn't work as well. I can't remember what they were called though either!

  3. My bestie from high school, and this era we are indulging in here, has like a photographic memory that never fails! I asked her about these foam bendies and she remembers: Shimmy Shapers!

  4. Shimmy Shapers! Such a cute name!

  5. Back in high school my best friend and I could hardly wait for the new Esprit catalogs to show up each season. Loved those clothes!

  6. Oh thank you, I grew up in the country, and made a lot of my own stuff. I sent off for the catalog and it was as meaningful as Vogue. I would pin the pages up everywhere to remind me of what I wanted to make next. I saw things I would wear as a 16 years in 1986. So, thank you for posting, I had not seen those pics since the 80's.

  7. I was able to visit the Esprit "Warehouse" in San Francisco in the mid 80s...slice of heaven :). Thank you for sharing!