Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cover Girl Contest - Dolly January 1988

January 1988
Model Kate Fischer (Covergirl winner)
Photography Marco Franchina

Seeing as there's been a few comments wondering about the various Dolly Covergirl winners, I thought I'd do a post featuring one.  The winner for this year - 1988 was Kate Fischer who achieved notoriety for a number of things including being engaged to James Packer, and starring in the film Sirens alongside Elle Macpherson.

I do think out of all the finalists, she does stand out the most, although Talitha reminds me a lot of Heather Chandler in the film Heather's (one of my favourite films of all time).  It's funny to see Guy Pearce and Craig McLachlan in the shots during their Neighbour's hey-day.  I loved Craig's character so much that I named my Cabbage Patch doll Henry after him hehe!


  1. haha Henry,, thanks for posting! Strangely, the cover doesn't seem familiar but the pictures inside do. I wonder where all those girls are now and what they ended up doing.