Monday, February 20, 2012

Girl on the Spot - Dolly November 1988

November 1988
Model Emma Balfour
Photographer Unknown
Girl on the Spot
Photography Martyn Thompson
Model Emma
Hair & make-up Michelle Deveraux
A gorgeous editorial here featuring gingham mixed with polka dots.  It is definitely a very '88 look - especially if the outfits were paired with a pair of brogues.  Emma Balfour is the model on the cover and the fashion spread and she made it quite big in the modelling world.  I think she even made an appearance in the last season of Australia's Next Top Model.  I always like seeing where the clothes are from, and I can see Sportsgirl and Cherry Lane items in the mix.  I may do a Sportsgirl ad feature very soon I think..


  1. Emma Balfour! I don't really remember this one. I LOVE the page with the 4 images up. It is a lovely spread.

    1. Emma Balfour is in the most recent David Lawrence campaign.

    2. Oh yes, she is too (as per link below)

      I prefer her with blonde locks over the flame red I think though...

  2. I loved Emma Balfour, she was my favourite. I bought that dress she is wearing in the last shot, I am pretty sure it was from Sportsgirl, I got my licence wearing it.

  3. I loved Emma Balfour, she was my favourite! I bought the dress she is wearing in the last pic, I got my licence wearing it.

  4. Oh wow... the last dress is probably my favourite of the outfits.

  5. Yes that dress is gorgeous! And I didn't know Emma Balfour was still modeling ,wow. I would never have recognised her, though she does have heaps of makeup on in that spread.