Thursday, February 9, 2012

Swatch Advertisement 1985

Appeared in Dolly Magazine August 1985

My all time favourite ad from Swatch - ever (and that includes all those amazing Pop Swatch ads, which I'll do a feature on at some point down the track).  This particular advertisement re-appears in many magazine issues that I have and is just so bubblegum pastel pop!  If you didn't have a Swatch you definitely weren't cool...


  1. I love that you're posting more often, it's a treat ! :) Oh and I LOVED my swatch, one of the best pressies I ever got. I had a black one with the see-through face, in that you could see the cogs inside. I wish I had it now! I wanted a clear one like that but in the end was glad because they didn't age well.

  2. I too loved my SWATCH - in fact I still have one and love it....but this ad! So wrong on so many levels! God knows what the photographer was thinking, and I can't help thinking it was not good...keep up the posts! You are so my favourite blog atm! TFS!

  3. Thanks you two for the kind words of encouragement. Sometimes it's hard to motivate yourself, but comments like you've left really help!!

    Miss Prudence - nooooo this ad is bloody fab!

    I have a bit of a Pop Swatch collection I must admit ... and not to mention a few Boy London ones as well.

  4. Oh pls stay motivated - it's funny i get a feeling it's time to check for new posts and there is usually one there! you are my only lifeline to these, other then my memory, and it's such a thrill to see something i knew so so well but forgotten. The early 80s are a bit too early for me tho I still enjoy them. But requests for '84 onwards if you have a lot from the era :)