Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Levi's Advertisement - Dolly November 1984

This advertisement by Levi's is featured in this issue of Dolly so I haven't scanned the gorgeous cover in again.  Adore this Levi's advertisement.... as a matter of fact I was planning on doing a feature on assorted Levi's advertisements but just don't have time right now to upload all the pics... but I think tomorrow I'll add a few more ones to the mix!  Unless there are any other requests?....


  1. I definitely had this issue! This looks familiar as does the cover. My best friend had one of those sailor hats on the right, very in :P Anything from '84 onwards is my request but I enjoy all your posts :) Thanks for your efforts x

  2. The sailor hat look was huge at this point, my friend's sister was a teen at this time and she basically duplicated that look completely. Will keep in mind your post '84 request for future posts. :D