Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Take a Walk (..on the wild side) - Dolly June 1985

June 1985
Model Katherine Walker
Photography Grant Mathews

I've been trying to find left-of-field editorials from the Dolly's and this fits the bill.  A kind of edgier, darker, rebellious themed spread from Christian Lemech as photographer.  I really like the image where the model (Natalie) is wearing the stripy outfit with patches on her knees (minus the platform thongs which ruin it unfortunately - some brogues would have worked so much better).


  1. Wow Maryanne another one that had my heart going! I definitely had this one, the image of the model sitting on the floor in the leather pants and ammo belt is very familiar. Totally agree about the thongs!!

  2. I am proud to say I do not own a single pair of thongs !!

  3. Haha really? Well I do, but I don't wear them with full body stripey outfits whilst playing guitar.

  4. The thongs totally rock this outfit and were miles ahead of their time. Rock out Nat & Lemech!

    1. We'll have to differ on the thong issue - I am very anti thongs I'm afraid! :D