Saturday, February 18, 2012

Scrambled - Dolly magazine August 1985

August 1985
Model Claudia McCarthy
Photography Ken Middleton
Hair & Make-up Aaren
Photography Clive Smith
Styling Aaren

A different kind of editorial for Dolly..... it kind of reminds me more of something you'd see in 'The Face' magazine as opposed to a teen Australian magazine.  I am very curious as to who this 'Aaren' is who styled both the cover and this shoot, and alas I could not find any information on him/her at all.  Not too sure whether I would personally wear a jumper as pants, but I can see where they were going with it and for the shoot it looks great.  I adore the hair and make-up particularly in this - the yellow eyeshadow/pink eyeliner combo really works.


  1. Wow! I can't say the cover is familiar but the spread is, especially that last pic. I remember the tops as pants thing, but only in mags and not in real life. That blonde model looks familiar too.

  2. The blonde model was an American called Lori. I do remember the cover and the spread, can't say the cover was a good one.

  3. Yes something is definitely lacking in the cover.... I like the concept, but I think the model's expression is lacklustre.

  4. Thanks for posting this Maryanne. I've been looking for Claudia everywhere and couldn't remember her surname but remembered this cover! Thanks, Amanda