Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dolly Magazine October 1983

October 1983
Photography by Graham Shearer
Model Mia
Tab Advertisement 1983

Levi's Advertisement 1983

Levi's Advertisement 1983

In my vast collection of Dolly magazines, there is always at least one Tab ad - featuring a leotard clad model no less, so of course I had to scan one in here for my first Dolly post!  How cute is the Levi's ad with the ice-cream t-shirt, although my favourite is probably the orange Levi's model with the tassel waist sash.  What goes around comes around though, and the first Levi's look doesn't look out of place today I have to say. (Hey that rhymes)!


  1. Hi there
    Just wondering if you recall an ad from Dolly in the late 70's or early 80's with a girl with an octopus tattoo peeking out from her bottom! She was walking along a beach.
    Does this ring a bell at all, and do you have an copy of that?
    Many many thanks

  2. Hi,

    Hmm, you've really stumped me there!

    Had a brief flick through, and couldn't find anything fitting the description, but I will certainly keep my eyes peeled for you :)

  3. This would happen to be my favourite edition of Dolly, everything in it I adored!! From the fashion to the articles. Have you got the pictures for the small bedroom ideas in this edition? I desperately wanted my bedroom exactly how they had it in the magazine!!