Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mode Australia Magazine Winter 1977

Winter 1977
Make-up and Photography by Justin Harris
Model Marja,
Make-up Ella Bache

Interpreted by Jan Ayres for Flamingo Park, Sydney
Photography by Michael O'Donnell
I can't believe these images came from an Australian high fashion magazine from 1977!  The magazine was called Mode and I think it was the predecessor to Sheila, but not entirely sure.
The colourful image in the middle looks straight from the 80's!  Not to mention the cover.  How fashion forward this magazine was!  If anyone has any information about this magazine, please let me know.


  1. hi I collected these mags through most of the 80's when it was a very large format magazine and used them extensively in my art and photography, filled with great layouts and some fantastic fashion shoots

    1. Hi my friend Elizabth davison was on the cover in July 1984. Do you have any others from that time. She has lost most of them. Thank you so much. Ican email you a picture of it if you like. 💕

    2. My email is

  2. How fabulous. I've seen issues of this magazine from the mid 80's and I have to say it seems their finest period was the 70's - early 80's for artistic direction.

  3. Hi I am clearing out my cupboards and I have a couple of years of this magazine I am about to give to Charity. If you can get them from Brisbane Australia you are welcome to them. Bubbleandsweet (at) hotmail (dot)com

  4. I remember Mode magazine very well! I even illustrated for them in 1992 (it was to celebrate Jag's anniversary, and I illustrated their fashions through the years.) It was a great glossy that ran from the '70s to the late '90s - I think about 1997/1998, when it folded into Harper's Bazaar. (The first few issues were called Mode/Harper's Bazaar on the cover.)It used to come out quarterly, but then went to a monthly loose 'broadsheet' format in November/December 1983, much like W magazine used to be. This was FABULOUS as you could make huge posters from the double page spreads to stick on your bedroom wall! I used to do that with their overseas collection reports. I'm sure I still have them in the garage somewhere...You've inspired me to go search for them!