Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dolly/Leichner Cover Girl Contest Winner - Dolly December 1982

As requested here is the article from the December 1982 issue featuring the 1982 Cover Girl Winner Toni O'Donoghue.  Often with these contests, it is not who wins who ends up making it big, but one of the runners up and in this case I noticed a familiar face - that being Natalie McCurry who in the last photo is second from the right.  She starred in this film in 1986 (which I am dying to see) and I'm sure was in an ad for either ruffles chips or ferrero chocolate but I can't quite remember!


  1. gosh the name Leichner takes me back! I recall my family urging me to enter this comp one year -Lord I am so glad I was punk at that time !!! But that brand name sooooo takes me back! I recall a few very successful Dolly Cover Girl's Kate Fisher jumps to mind - Canberra girl like moi and well hey dating James Packer, being in the "Sirens" movie and other stuff proved well. but this brand, where did it go? Did it become Austalis? Where did it go? It was the affordable brand of the 80's?

  2. Maryanne, I would love you to give me an email, I am dying to know more about you!!! Oh that is in a healthy non-stalking kind of way LOL!

  3. Yes my mum subscribed to the Leichner deal where you get it send every month and then she cancelled it 'cos it cost a bloody fortune. I had a quick google of the brand, and it seems they may have gone into stage make up now. Do you remember a cosmetics brand called Jade? I managed to pick up some cool dark dark green mascaras from a cosmetics sale ages ago, and they were sooo dead stock. I remember watching an 80's film and seeing a Jade cosmetics stand in the background.

    Haha Miss Prudence, my email is, send me an email and you can find me on facebook!!! :D

  4. Vale Natalie McCurry, succumbed to cancer in October this year.

    1. I am so so sad to hear this news, may she rest in peace. Since this post I have watched Dead End Drive-In and it is such a fantastic film and she was absolutely fab in it.