Friday, March 2, 2012

Double Trouble - Boy Oh Boy Dolly Special

Dolly Special (Year approx 1988-89)
Models Simon, Anika & Matt
Photography Warwick Orme

I'm not too sure of the date for this Dolly Special, but judging by the brogues in this feature, my guess is '88 - '89.  The models here are Shaun and Carla, with photography by Marco Franchina.  Speaking of the brogues in this spread, I see they are from Succhi and I remember it being located in Melbourne Central (in Victoria that is) when it first opened, and their shoes were sooo fabulous with striking designs and very high quality.  Of course I could not afford their shoes, but used to go in and browse the array.


  1. Don't remember this at all, which makes me think I was avid with Dolly only up until around this time. I LOVE the Abyss check shorts though. Nice spread.

  2. Yeah, love those shorts too... I actually think the guy looks better than the girl in this spread - a really chic look considering around this time guys did look a bit daggy.

  3. Yes! Was thinking myself how a guy would look good wearing this today.

  4. OMG! I had this issue! I remember copying the guy's look totally, with the black tee-shirt, black 501s and the Succhi shoes (which cost a bomb, I remember.) Didn't get the hat, though:)

    1. Succhi were definitely at the higher end... too bad they aren't around anymore!