Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let it Rip - Dolly December 1982

December 1982
Model Toni O'Donoghue (Leichner Cover Girl Winner)
Photography Bob Donaldson

The photography in this let it Rip spread is credited to Hans Feurer (a very intimidating sounding name) and it is just fab!  It's kinda like 101 ways to wear a T-shirt with so many inventive ideas!  I can't say I've seen this look recycled at all as compared with a lot of other supremely 80's looks ... I'd like the torn cottons to do a bit of a revival... hmmm on second thoughts maybe not, as revivals usually end up a cheap and pale imitation from the original anyway.


  1. Maryanne, could you please post the photos of the finalists for Dolly cover girl contest for this year. Your blog is fantastic. So many memories! Thank you for your efforts!!!

  2. Wow I don't usually like the early 80s fashion but this spread is great! You really like your strong colours don't you? :) I loove the 80s ripped thing - think Mad Max and the Wild Boys film clip by Duran. That cover girl is VERY familiar. Maybe she went on to act, unless she just went on to model heaps.

  3. Haha yes I do love a bold colour indeed!! Nice observation.

    I'll post up the cover girl contest spread now!! Thanks for the request - I like getting ideas/requests.

  4. Hns Feurer was one of the leading european fashion photograpghers of that era...he has made a comeback in the last few years in French Vogue.