Monday, January 23, 2012

Dolly Special 1982

Dolly Special '82
Model Sonya Cook
Photography Dominique Longheon
'A Change of Face' Make-Up Special
Photography Bob Donaldson

 A gorgeous and striking make-up feature from this Dolly Special of '82 - my favourite year of the 80's I think!  The cover is so so sweet, and looking at the credits of this issue, this was during the reign of Lisa Wilkinson as Editor.  I do think she was the best editor Dolly Magazine has ever had, but then she was lucky to be at the helm during this period of time that's for sure.

The first shot is 'Dramatic You' and the second of course is the 'Romantic You'.  I think I prefer the dramatic one... I just stare and stare at it for ages sometimes.  It's very Duran Duran-esue and I may try and copy it for the Duran Duran concert that I'm going to in March here in Melbourne Australia!


  1. i can understand why you might stare at the 'dramatic you' one. the model's eyes look great! I also had a question for you: Do you know about which time Dolly stopped putting their own models on the cover and started putting 'stars' and 'celebrities' photos from photoshoots that weren't their own instead, like it is today? I was just curious. Thank you! I have to say I much prefer Dolly of the 80s compared to Dolly today. it seems so much cuter.

  2. Hmm... that's a good question. I would have thought logically that it would have been in the mid 90's, I know Vogue started this trend, but am not sure of the exact date. Although even in 1982, they had Brooke Shields on the cover who granted had been a model, but she was also quite famous by that point. So I guess the lines have always been a little blurred, but of course not to the extent that we have now of course.

    Yes they were so much cuter - I of course totally agree!

  3. Yes! Lisa was the best editor... Apart from being 'cute,' Dolly was also very sharp, smart, witty and fantastically well written. It never condescended to the reader like most teen mags do today.BTW- if you didn't already know, Dolly from this era was the inspiration behind the groundbreaking(for them) American teen mag 'Sassy', which in turn inspired other magazines like 'Jane'. Even though Sassy wasn't around for long, it still has a cult following and is still admired by the magazine industry...even though '80s Dolly was there first!

    1. Ahh yes, I've heard about Sassy... didn't they have the famous Kurt + Courtney cover photo? It's cool to know that Australia was a pioneer.

  4. Oh my goodness, you have just taken me back nearly 40 years! This was my first ever magazine as a teen, and my all time favourite. I always regret disposing of it in my 30s for 'practical reasons'... Oh, how I would love to find a copy and flick through each and every page. It was something I enjoyed doing every summer. Thank you for the amazing memory!

  5. Didn't she also appear on the cover of Company at around the same time?