Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Australia Day - 80's Style

January 1983
Model Collette
Photography Ken Middleton
'Down-under down to a T'
Dolly Magazine January 1983
Photography Warren Webb
'Just Deserts'
Dolly Magazine January 1983
Photography Ken Middleton
Hostess Pavlova Shells Advertisement
Dolly Magazine January 1985
'A Short Yarn'
Dolly Magazine January 1989
Photography Marco Franchina
Model Jackie
The Philips Sunpanel Advertisement
Sheila Magazine Summer 1980
What's good (and not-so-good) about Australia
Dolly Australia Special (Year Unknown - probably 85-86)
Well if you're in Australia you'll either love or loathe this day - being Australia Day.  For those who loathe it, this day elicits images of bogans draping themselves in the Australia Flag and acting loud and unruly.  If you love it ..... well I guess I'm not sure how you feel as I am in the loathe camp.  Although I thought it would be rather fun to look back and see what it was like back when.  And hey, it doesn't seem too bad - in fact, it seems kinda fun!

My personal favourite image is the Philips Sunpanel advertisement.  It's such a blast from the past - the days when you wanted to tan 24-7 - even when in bed!

I'm not sure I agree with the good/bad list of Australian things, like Brian Canham being bad - noooo way!  I guess by this point though perhaps Pseudo Echo may have been considered passe.  Although I think I'm with them on the whole budgie poo being bad!  Oh and Skippy being good - aaaabsolutely, love me a bit of Skippy the bush kangaroo!

Anyway, enjoy the post and the day, me true blue mates out there!


  1. i may of even written that list back then! Ahhhh Go Betweens - RIP Grant.

  2. Yes the Go-Betweens... Although I do disagree with much of this list, I love that it is a cute snapshot of the time.