Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Here's to wishing it was Winter already: Dolly Magazine June 1984

Dolly Magazine June 1984
Model Nikki Smith
Photographer Graham Shearer

After a 40 degree (Celsius) day here in Melbourne Australia a couple of days ago, I am seriously longing for the cosiness of Winter.

I have to pick out the polka dot look and the cropped jumper as my faves from this spread.

And this spread features the ever-popular Dolly model Sarah Nursey, with photography from the icon that is Graham Shearer.


  1. Welcome back and Happy New Year, Maryanne! Thanks for the post. Love your blog. Please post more!! Thanks xx

  2. Thanks so much! Had a bit of a hiatus, but I'm planning on aiming for at least 3 posts a week now.

    Appreciate the kind words.

    Maryanne :)

  3. Sarah Nursey was def a fave for that hair.. Look how full and healthy her face looks compared to models now. That's what I love about those models, truly the girl next door look :)

  4. I know right! Sarah Nursey is the archetype 80's model with her gorgeous curls and normal figure! So sweet!

  5. Sarah Nursey went on to join the police force. She definitely made me fell better about the way I looked as a teen.

  6. Yeah she wasn't bone thin, kind of approachable, yet at the same time stunning of course.