Friday, March 11, 2011

Dolly Magazine Australian Special 1986

Australian Special
Photography Graham Shearer
Models Amanda & Taina
'Train To Alice' Fashion Feature

I'm not exactly sure what year this Dolly Special is from, as it doesn't list it anywhere at all.  So I've estimated it's from '86, just judging by the fashion etc.  This issue is such a pop of colour - especially the cover and the 'Tighten Up!' exercise routine spread (not to mention the Keith Haring type squiggles on the outfits).  I find that the 'Train To Alice' looks are quite timeless, and fit in quite nicely into the present day.  More images from this issue to come!

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  1. This one gives me goosebumps! So familiar ! And the Tighten Up article - I remember the model in the yellow suit on the last page featured a lot.

  2. My only Dolly cover. Thanks Maryanne! I don't have this one so I'll check you out on Ebay ;)

    1. Your only dolly cover ... wow, that's odd as I remember you being in their pages a lot!