Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dolly Magazine May 1981

May 1981
Photography Diana Duncan
Model Natalie Hines
'What's In' regular feature
'Roller-Skating is ... falling in love with the floor!' feature
'Hot Tips For Winter Beauty'  cover page
So I have a cold at the moment, and the only thing that can cheer me up is some Dolly!  This issue is an '81 one, and you can tell a difference between the style of this and the '82 ones I think.  As usual, it's super cute and cheerful - as exemplified in the roller skating picture.  That feature was all about the roller skating craze that was taking over the nation!  I actually own a pair of vintage skates - the traditional white with red wheels kind, but the only time I ever took them out I almost fell and had to literally hang on to any surface/wall/rail that I could to get back home, so I guess that's why the 'craze' didn't really take off with me.

I always find the 'What's In' section (which is at the start of every issue) to be really interesting, as it highlighted what the trends were overseas in fashion.  As you can see from this issue, the new romantic billowing ethnic trend was big in London - the fashion capital.  I included the last picture as it's just a sweet one.  Love the crimp and tulle in her hair.  


  1. OMG! I am loving this! I sooo remember "aspiring" as a "first former" (I think they call that year 7 now!) to these looks. Look young models with plump young cheeks! thank you!!!!

  2. Yes plump happy faces - such a rarity now isn't it! I'm so glad these magazines are still around to be collected so we can see there was a time when gaunt emaciated faces were not the norm in print.

  3. Whatever happened to Natalie Hines? I followed her in the 80s.