Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spot ... Stop - Dolly October 1985

I love love love the pastel ice-cream colours in this spread popping out from the black and white image - so iconic.  Photography by Andrew Southam and unfortunately the model is not credited.  Favourite image has to be the close up of the Ray-Ban-esque sunglasses and the Madonna style head wrap.


  1. This is gorgeous. And fancy being so beautiful and not getting credited!

  2. Is there any information about the sylist/art director on these mid eighties dolly shoots? I remember the art direction as being so fantastic - so good, that much of it still looks great today.

    1. In 1985, the design department were Ron Newell, Peter Richardson and Sabine Pick, the Fashion section was headed by Patricia Merk. Hopefully that's of help!!!

  3. The Model Is Natalie - Now known as fashion commentator, socialite and Bondi retailer : Tali Jatali.