Monday, April 15, 2013

Altered Images - Dolly November 1983

What an absolute gem of a spread this is, featuring models dressed as the pop/rock stars of the day.  Make-up funnily enough is by the Blitz Kid herself Kim Bowen who actually hung out with Boy George, and probably with many others featured in this too!  I really love the make up job for the Bananarama image as they did do the whole orange eyeshadow thing so it is really on point.  Also of course my favourite HAS to be the Culture Club girl - she is just so so adorable.  All of them are just so cute though, so it's hard to pick favourites.  Hope you enjoy this one!


  1. I remember this and love the Bananarama one as well. In fact the outfit reminds me of the first ever outfit I bought on my own, from Sportsgirl - I was 11 or 12 :)

  2. I am of this vintage and I really can't remember Toto Coelo !

    1. I guess they were more a UK kinda band. You should look 'em up, they're quite fab actually.