Thursday, April 5, 2012

Woolmark Quality Always Makes Its Mark - Vogue Australia April 1983

A few images from a Woolmark feature spread throughout this April 1983 issue of Vogue Australia.  There are many more images to come that I'll put up tomorrow.  I simply had to show that Walter Kristensen set first, as it is just too too cute.  My next fave has to be the puffed sleeve number from McMahon's Farm.


  1. Maryanne, I don't know if you saw it - but a character on Family Ties was wearing a puff-sleeve sweater, just like the one featured in this spread, yesterday :)

    1. Yes I did! Was it that college girl who liked Alex? I thought the exact same thing - that it looked similar to that top second from top. How funny!

    2. Yes that's it! haha glad you saw it :)

    3. Walter Kristensen, cute or kitsch ?
      I was the manager of their Melbourne store all through the 80's. Great time of my life, great company to work for. At times, however, even I was embarrassed by some of their designs.

    4. Haha --- um maybe a little from column A and a little from column B on that one. They are a little child-like but I don't ever want to grow up so that's probably part of the appeal for me.

    5. Maryanne - I have purchaesed a Walter Kristensen jacket, it is pure wool tweed with pinky purple stripes on grey stripes, long line with large buttons to match. Can you tell me and more about this manufacturer