Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Brian Rochford Advertisement - Dolly September 1986

Following from the previous post, I found another fabulous Brian Rochford ad - this time from 1986.  I love the pop art influenced wind cheater with the freestyle Reebok aerobics sneakers (I managed to buy a pair of similar ones a few years ago when they re-issued them but with a lilac trim).


  1. I'm a guy who loves Reebok Freestyles... couldn't
    find the black ones, so I bought white, which are
    really cool too, and do look great with jeans...

    1. Yeah the white ones are classically 80's actually - good for aerobicizing in!

    2. Oh thanks for the reply. Sure, they're good for aerobics, but in this case for girls. Overall, they're pretty comfy, lightweight, and good-looking sneakers that anyone can wear with. In fact, I'm thinking of buying one more pair, but now I want them in black.