Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas - Time To Light Up - Dolly December 1982

Merry Christmas (1982 style of course) !  I think my absolute favourite look is the purple dress with the gorgeous neck ruffle in the fourth image, as a matter of fact I might try and replicate that look for the big day tomorrow!!


  1. I love the sandals and coloured stocking look. I remember the Nice Things store in Oxford st Paddington it sold accessories. More eighties please it brings back so many memories and makes me feel a bit sad......I'll have to work out why.

    1. The reason it makes you sad is that modern life now is so boring compared to this time!!

    2. I think it makes me sad because life was relatively carefree. I earned a few bucks working in the Pharmacy and I went straight to Paddington markets or Sportsgirl and spent it. I have such fond memories of going to Sportsgirl in the Pitt st Mall in Sydney. I had cash ! I was with my mates ! everything was pretty and shiny !

    3. Awww how lovely, you are so lucky to have precious memories like this that you can treasure forever!
      Maryanne :)

  2. I have been looking at these on Pinterest & so annoyed l parted with my Dolly magazines. But l think l have kept 2 as my cousins were both in these issues. Loving your blog & tripping back to such an important time in fashion & these treasured magazines