Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dolly Magazine April 1988

April 1988
Photography Martyn Thompson
Model Sally
'Everything's Rosy' Fashion Feature
Photography Martyn Thompson

After a brief hiatus, here we have a new post!  We've now skipped through to 1988 with a Rosey feature from Dolly Magazine - a very atypical look for the late 80's.  I'm a big fan of mary jane's and especially with a floral embellishment!



  1. that was a great look - in fact one of my personal looks at that time - i still have my Mary Jane's like that!

  2. I adore photo 3 and 4 with the multipule squares having so many adoreable shots. I am SUCH a FAN of Roses on clothing and her make up and whole polka dot onset is just so visually beautiful. A soft yet full of expression look *****