Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Putting On The Glitz - Dolly December 1989

A really vibrant and eclectic spread from this December 1989 issue of Dolly - on the cusp of the 90's.  I love the glamour of a spot of sequin in an outfit (and I'm not talking the tacky kind) and my particular favourites are the gold sequin skirt and black sequin top by Morrissey and Edmiston (back when they were a fashion duo before they had gone their separate ways).  I read a lot of issues of Dolly during the early 90's and remember Dinosaur Designs jewellery featuring heavily in their pages, although they were faar too expensive for me of course!  They're still going and they're kinda still too expensive for me unfortunately as I do love their stuff.


  1. Argghhh!! It's all too much....huge trips down memory lane here for this gal born in 1976 : )

    1. Hehehe so glad you're enjoying! And yes this issue I had when it came out and flicking through the pages and remembering things is just so weird.