Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jenny Kee Feature

I picked up an Australian Women's Weekly book of knitting patterns today, and was pleasantly surprised to see some Jenny Kee knits in there!  So what better opportunity than to put up a little article on her I found in Vogue Australia of July 1982 discussing how she ended up doing a line of scarves with her designs on them.  It is quite interesting, and it's fabulous that she's still selling her scarves on her website as she is an Australian fashion icon.


  1. I bought some of those african bangles that the models are wearing from Jenny Kee's store in the Strand Arcade at least 25 years ago and I am still wearing them and getting compliments. I couldn't afford anything else in the shop as I was still at school ! I still love her designs .

    1. Oh how fabulous, yes one never gets rid of a Jenny Kee item!